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               When I feel depressed...

Part I

Our moods are like a roller coaster going up and down. One moment we feel as if we're on cloud nine, but the next we're totally in the dumps. When we are happy, we tend to share the happiness with people around us. However, when we feel depressed, everyone has his or her own way of dealing with it.

For me , singing at a KTV with friends is the best way to get rid of my depression. By singing out loud, I express my emotions and pretend I am someone else. This has always done he trick for me. Many times, the songs I sang were so sad that I couldn't help but cry. But after I wiped away the tears, I found that my negative feelings were gone as well. There are many ways to keep depression at bay, but the point is to have a way of dealing with it when it sets in.

-roller coaster 雲霄飛車(我很愛,卻現在才學會它的英文)

-as if 就好像

-cloud nine 九霄雲外(的確是外國人硬翻成的英文用法!!)

-totally in the dumps=very very bad mood. (dump 垃圾堆/場,比喻用法)

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My Childhood memories

Part I

Whenever I recall my childhood, I remember how lonely it was since I am an only child. It is still fresh in my memory how every day when I returned home from school, I was all alone. The house seemed to be so big and empty because there was no one home but me. Before my parents got home from work, I'd kill time by playing with my toys.

As a way to keep me company, my father bought me a puppy for my tenth birthday. From then on , my little dog, Poko, enriched my life. He'd run up and jump on me as soon as I got home. Poko also seemed to understand me whenever I was in a bad mood. Though he is much older now and isn't as energetic as before, Poko will forever and always being my special friend.


Part II

When I recall my childhood memories, I remember the first summer I visited my grandparents. Since both of my parents worked, there was no one to care for my sister and me during the long summer vacation. So, we had to go stay with my grandparents at their farm in the country.

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                                                       Blurring the gender line
Part II

What separates people from animals is that human beings have morals. People should accept certain social restrictions. Because of these moral guidelines, society is able to function in an orderly manner. As for gender roles, men and women are biologically different, and therefore, the expected images of both sexes are also different.

The typical image of a man is brave and masculine, whereas females are sensitive and gentle. These images are products of human evolution. In other words, if we were to try to break down these barriers, it would be going against human nature. In addition, society might become more chaotic. Following set gender roles, with men acting like men and women like women, is definitely the rule we should abide by, just as we have done since the beginning of time.


                                                      If I could go back in time

Part I

Once in a while, I wish I had the magical powers to go back in time. If I could really do it, the one thing I would like to do is to see my grandfather.

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             A self-planned trip or a guided tour?
Part I

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維吉尼亞軍事學校Virginia Military Institute     

美國軍校, 1839年11月11日創校於維吉尼亞州萊星頓市。美國陸軍有所謂的南北兩強;北是位於紐約州的西點軍校, 南即是維吉尼亞軍校。該校以訓練嚴厲著稱,且校風一直略有種族歧視的味道。南北戰爭時期,在石牆傑克森(Stonewall Jackson)將軍領導下,訓練出衆多優秀南軍軍官。而於錢斯勒斯維爾戰役中,傑克森率其部隊突擊敵人時,看到當中有的軍人是軍校的舊生,遂說「這會是維吉尼亞軍校揚名立萬的日子。」 




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劈老師說我和Se的文法及發音已經很不錯,所以目前先著重修正某些平時不太注重的連音,部份詞意或用法容易搞混的詞語及單字。說真格的,很多字其實平時都是呼嚕嚕就帶過,平平是台灣同胞的學習者,自己人一定聽得懂;而老外朋友也因為知道英文非我們的母語,所以發音有80%到位他們也懂。誰曉得一個SKIN DEEP就會搞到舌頭打結,對英文失去學習動力(沒那麼誇張啦~)。

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Could anybody can fix the grammer or usage errors for me?

Open the package of trauma dressing then put it between trauma and tube-shaped gauze softly.

Bear the dressing on trauma for 5 minutes after pull out the sheath. (These two actions should be done at the same time.)

After the times up, remove the gauze but the dressing. Use the OP tape to fix the dressing on trauma.

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Joke˙Fun English 解放英語 黃玟君專欄 《中國時報 2006.12.011 E8 》

CSI effect ( n ) CSI影集效應


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Joke˙Fun English 解放英語 黃玟君專欄 《中國時報 2006.12.04 E8 》

Social swarming (n.)社交群集

flash mob 快閃族
swarm 群眾;成群結隊
swarming 漫無頭緒,跟隨一群有同樣喜好的群眾
real time 即時

social swarming指的則是現代人利用科技,如手機、BB call或是即時簡訊相互聯絡,得以呼朋引伴,快速與朋友、家人、同事聚在一起的方式;在大城市中很容易成型。

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Joke˙Fun English 解放英語 黃玟君專欄 《中國時報 2006.11.27 E8 》

iPod holo effect iPod 月暈效應

iPodder  iPod使用者
halo  月亮周圍暈開的光環


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Joke˙Fun English 解放英語      黃玟君專欄 《中國時報 2006.11.20  E8 》

Salad dodger/Salad-dodger/SD


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Joke˙Fun English 解放英語      黃玟君專欄 《中國時報 2006.11.13  E8 》

Hyperdating(prep.) 網路過度約會

related words.....
hyper 過度的

hyperlink 超連結(網路用語)

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from my sister-in-law

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  • Oct 30 Mon 2006 18:05

Joke˙Fun English 解放英語      黃玟君專欄 《中國時報 2006.10.30  E8 》

=Kids in Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement savings

《Failure to Launch》

The Herald 英國

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